The Role of Indonesia Parliamentary Television as Government Broadcasting to Enhance Public Trust

Aep Wahyudin, Jurnal Penelitian Komunikasi Vol. 24 No. 2, December 2021      

Indonesia must deal with the low level of trust in Parliament. The Indonesian Parliament is ranked top in the category of regional parliaments with the most transparency. The Indonesian Parliament is particularly accessible to its constituents since it has Parliamentary Television, which may be easily accessed to watch board meetings. Transparency pertains to people’s rights, according to the House of Representative, because the interaction between the government and the public generates legitimacy in society, which can help the government acquire public confidence and political support for government activities. Parliamentary Television promotes transparency in public democracy by informing the public about the policies of the House of Commons.

Therefore, this article discusses a democratization for Indonesian Parliamentary Television. At the parliament building, a variety of political interests are represented. As a result, news coverage in Indonesia’s House of Representatives is restricted. The purpose of this paper was to illustrate how Parliamentary Television portrays broadcasting democratization.

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